Change Chemistry Innovation Expo

Wednesday, September 27, 2023
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (EDT)
Registration Closed
Category: Webinars

Join us for Change Chemistry's virtual Innovation Expo on September 27, 2023 from 11:00 AM – 12:30PM ET. This interactive event will provide forum for Change Chemistry members to promote and learn about recent innovations that advance the goals of green and sustainable chemistry. 

The virtual format will be comprised of concurrent breakout rooms. Each presenting company will be assigned a room, and participants will be able to move from room to room throughout the event. Join current and prospective Change Chemistry members for this exciting event.  

If you are interested in presenting a recent innovation, please contact Change Chemistry's Program Manager, Umama Mahmud at


The following companies were selected to present:


Launch of a multifunctional preservative booster, CuraVia.‚Äč

 CuraVia™ is a multifunctional preservation booster with skin conditioning properties. It can be used to reduce levels of traditional preservatives, or as an alternative to traditional preservatives to enable preservative-free claims for cosmetic products.

Ourobio is a young synthetic biology, biomaterials, and circular economy company. We develop engineered microorganisms to turn industrial byproducts into low-footprint, bio-based biodegradable plastic resins and additives, and we are working with our partners to develop PHA-based bioplastic blends and products. We would like to lead a discussion around Ourobio, our traction, and our partnerships in hopes of finding new collaborators and inspiring a model for others to follow!

Digital Tools for Substance of Concern: Developing and Deploying a digital tool to ideate on safer materials for Formulation Additives and Catalysis

We have developed a new version of our surfactant ingredient technology which is based on soybean or algae oil, thereby reducing the GHG emissions associated with conventional petrochemical or palm oil-based surfactants.

For More Information:

Umama Mahmud, M.Sc.

Umama Mahmud, M.Sc.

Learning and Development Designer, Change Chemistry