About Us

More than 100 companies are working together to develop safer chemistry:
Change Chemistry is a collaboration of more than 100 members that aim to make safer and sustainable chemistry widely available in the marketplace. Our members span diverse industries from leading chemical companies, brand manufacturers, and large retailers to innovative startups. We also engage with policymakers, non-profit organizations, and consulting firms to advance our mission. Together, we’re transforming markets to create a strong demand for and supply of safer, more sustainable alternatives. We do this by collaborating on projects that breakdown barriers to safer chemistry, accelerate innovation and advance supportive policies.

Vision: Change Chemistry envisions a global economy where all chemicals, materials, and products are safe and sustainable, from creation through disposal and reuse.

Mission: To advance this vision, Change Chemistry drives the commercial adoption of green and sustainable chemistry by catalyzing and guiding action across all industries, sectors, and supply chains.  

Change Chemistry pursues its vision and mission by:  

  • Fostering value chain collaboration 
  • Cultivating first-movers 
  • Convening industry decision-makers to secure meaningful commitments 
  • Advocating for a supportive policy environment 

As we work to empower, connect, and orchestrate our broad and trusted network of companies, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations, we drive new collaborations, strategies, and policies that systematically change chemistry. 


  • Innovation: We are a mission-driven organization dedicated to collaborative innovation. We drive solutions to ensure a safe and sustainable planet for future generations. With our members, we catalyze action along and across manufacturing value-chains to accelerate commercialization, adoption, and scale of sustainable chemistry solutions.  

  • Learning: We are a learning organization and believe in sharing our knowledge with others. We are guided by science, data, and experience. We are informed by the combined knowledge of our broad network of green and sustainable chemistry subject matter expertsOur growing knowledge base builds on decades of collaboration with industry, NGOs, government, and academia.

  • Community: We create a safe, open, and inclusive space for dialogue. We believe in building and nurturing authentic, trusted, and transparent relationships with our members, partners, board, and staff.  We connect communities that may not often collaborate to achieve common goals. 

  • Impact: Our mission is to fundamentally change chemistry to be safer and more sustainable. Our impact is directly related to the number, breadth, and engagement of our members. Our financial health and organizational growth are inextricably linked to our ability to deliver member value and tangible results in support of our mission. 

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