Advancing Green Chemistry Across Sectors & Supply Chains

Change Chemistry, (formerly GC3) envisions a global economy where all chemicals, materials and products are safe and sustainable from creation through disposal and reuse.

About Us

Change Chemistry's Role In the Eco-System

Change Chemistry, formerly the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council, works to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative green and sustainable chemistry solutions in response to market, science, and policy drivers. Developing and commercializing innovative chemistry solutions and the products that incorporate them is a necessarily disruptive market process that can result in replacement of—and/or improvement on—existing chemistry. Change Chemistry’s efforts to drive large scale commercial adoption of safer, sustainable and high performing chemical solutions may focus on specific functions, chemicals or classes identified by members as priorities for innovation and substitution, which may disrupt the market for incumbent chemicals. In setting priorities for its projects, Change Chemistry seeks input from its members, scientists, government authorities, and others to develop its priorities for innovation and commercialization.

Project Groups
Research and outreach activities and deliverables that advance Change Chemistry's (formerly GC3) mission are carried out through a series of smaller project groups. The number and focus of projects undertaken each year are decided at the annual Change Chemistry Innovators Roundtable.
All Change Chemistry members are encouraged to participate in and take leadership of project groups.

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Roundtable & Forums
Change Chemistry (formerly GC3) US Innovators Roundtable & European Forums are annual events where members, potential members, and invited guests come together to share relevant and up to date information, experiences and knowledge that can help advance the implementation of green chemistry and design for environment practices and the production and marketing of safer chemicals, materials and products.

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Our Mission

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Our mission would not be possible without our Members