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Change Chemistry, formerly GC3 is a multi-stakeholder collaborative that drives the commercial adoption of green chemistry by inspiring and guiding action across all industries, sectors, and supply chains. Our members include leading chemical companies, major brand manufacturers, large retailers, and innovative startups. 

We are a unique collaborative that gets uncommon results. Join us now to be part of the leading edge of green chemistry innovation.   

Top 10 Reasons to Join Change Chemistry 

  1. Identify green chemistry technology needs throughout your supply chain
  2. Discover the latest green chemistry technologies for specific industry applications  
  3. Learn about and connect to cutting-edge green chemistry research and technology development in universities and startups 
  4. Learn and share best practices that can accelerate your green chemistry innovation program
  5. Connect with industry leaders from a range of sectors and across the supply chain to exchange ideas and build new business partnerships
  6. Discover trends in green chemistry, market demand, growth, retailer initiatives, capital investments, chemical restrictions, regulatory risk, and consumer demand
  7. Tap into Change Chemistry’s broad network of contacts and expertise in green chemistry, environmental health, and public policy   
  8. Identify technologies and chemical management strategies that can help meet your corporate Sustainable Development Goals
  9. Enhance your company’s brand reputation by demonstrating its commitment to green chemistry and sustainability  
  10. Receive priority registration and discounted registration for the annual Change Chemistry Networking Events   

Join us! 

Participate in Change Chemistry group projects, active learning communities, and training webinars, or join our advisory committee. In an ever evolving and challenging time, we cultivate innovative solutions. We make change happen through collaborations, commitments, and supportive public policies. Our existing, expanding, and new membership program offerings are systematically changing chemistry for all industries. Get on board and become a member today.   

Membership Rates

Organizations can join Change Chemistry if they have read and agree with the vision of Change Chemistry, are working toward advancing the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, and pay the membership fee. In 2024 organizations will also pay an advocacy fee based on size: Tier 6 = $2,500; Tier 5 = $1,750; Tier 4 = $1,000; Tier 3 = $250; Tier 2 = $150; & Tier 1 = $50. Government agencies are exempt from this fee.

Member Tier
Organization Type
2024 Annual Dues
2024 Advocacy Fees
• For-profit entities with annual revenue at or exceeding $1B
• Not-for-profit entities with annual operating budgets at or exceeding $1B
• For-profit entities with annual revenue between $100M  and $1B
• Not-for-profit entities with annual operating budgets between $100M and $1B
• For-profit entities with annual revenue between $10M and $100M
• Not-for-profit entities with annual operating budgets between $10M and $100M
• For-profit entities with annual revenue  less than $10M
• Not-for-profit entities with annual operating budgets between $5M and $10M
• Consultants and small businesses with less than 10 FTE*
• Startup companies that have received venture capital funding (Series A or higher)
• Not-for-profit entities with annual operating budgets less than $5M
• Startup companies that have not received venture capital funding
Only for approved academic institutions that have startup programs

*Change Chemistry Membership is available to consultants and not-for-profit entities provided the 75% business majority has been met. 

 Not-for-profit entities include government agencies, academic institutions, and non-government organizations.

 Not-for-profit and Startup entity rates allow small organizations to participate. For Start-ups with annual revenues above $1M and not-for-profit entities with annual operating budgets above $1M, your membership dues range from Tier 3-6.

 Government agencies are exempt from paying advocacy fees.

Check out our membership guidelines here!

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