Membership Guidelines

Change Chemistry's (formerly GC3) mission and goals are to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative green and sustainable chemistry solutions. These efforts focus on specific functions, chemicals or classes identified as priorities for innovation and substitution. Change Chemistry seeks input from its members, scientists, government authorities, and other industry experts to develop its priorities for innovation and commercialization. Change Chemistry Members recognize that the development and commercialization of new, innovative chemistry solutions can result in replacement of or improvement on existing chemistry. Members acknowledge that our work disrupts the market to make positive change happen. 

Change Chemistry members follow these guidelines and policies from the Code of Conduct.

Change Chemistry Member Code of Conduct

Change Chemistry members will:

  • Support the Change Chemistry vision and mission. 
  • Use your membership status to advance the vision and mission of Change Chemistry and encourage the development and commercialization of innovative green and sustainable chemistry solutions. 
  • Proactively and positively engage in relevant Change Chemistry initiatives. 
  • Accept and support the priority projects of Change Chemistry Management and Board to advance Change Chemistry's mission, including functions, chemicals, and classes identified as priority areas for innovation and commercialization. 
  • Allow Change Chemistry to list your organization on our webpage, unless requested otherwise. 
  • Pay membership dues at or above the required minimum amount. 

Change Chemistry members will not:

Use membership status to discourage innovation or member initiatives around specific chemicals and classes, nor use membership status as an opportunity to defend incumbent chemicals or classes of chemical.

Use Change Chemistry as a platform to sell specific products or services, recognizing that this expectation does not compromise Change Chemistry's role as a forum for building business relationships and partnerships.

At its discretion, our Board of Directors may terminate the Membership of any organization whose conduct does not comply with this Code of Conduct.