1. Why the rebrand and name change?
  • We are changing our name to better reflect our organizational vision and mission to accelerate the growth of green and sustainable chemistry solutions across sectors and the value chain.  
  • We wanted to leverage more than 18 years of GC3 efforts of converging, connecting, and building thoughtful dialogue and trusted relationships with companies and other organizations across the value chain and across all sectors. The rebrand reflects our belief that we need to build on the momentum that we've created through convening and collaboration to catalyze action that accelerates commercialization adoption and scale of green and sustainable chemistry solutions.
2. Won't we lose focus on green chemistry?
  • Change Chemistry's mission will not change from that of the current GC3. We still will focus our work on accelerating the commercialization, adoption, and scale of green and sustainable chemistry solutions across sectors and the value chain. Change Chemistry will continue to build strong relationships with and engage other stakeholders beyond companies, including government, non-profits, investors, and academia to achieve its goals.
  • Our new mission, adapted from the GC3 missions is: Change Chemistry envisions a global economy where all chemicals, materials and products are safe and sustainable in their creation, use, transport, disposal, recycling, and reuse.Change Chemistry drives large scale commercial adoption of ever safer, more sustainable, high-performing chemical solutions by:
      • Fostering value chain collaboration
      • Cultivating first-movers
      • Convening industry decision-makers to secure major commitments
      • Creating a supportive policy environment
3. Is Change Chemistry a new organization? 
  • No. Change Chemistry is not a new organization. Our legal name, Green Chemistry & Commerce Council remains, Change Chemistry is simply our "also known as" or DBA name moving forward. We are a 501(c)6 nonprofit and will remain so in perpetuity.
4. Who will I pay dues to? 
  • On our new member website you will be able to pay dues or any balance, view your account history, check out events, modify your profile, change your login/password, and edit any payment methods.  ACH and credit card payments will be noted as “Green Chemistry & Commerce Council.
  • Stay tuned for information on how to create your new member login. 
  • New membership compass and dashboard located here.
5. With the new name, are the programs and activities of the GC3 going to change?
  • Our existing programs - such as our annual member events, our active learning communities (the Retail Leadership Council and Supply Chain Working Group), the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance, and our start-up and collaborative innovation projects will continue with some modifications. Our expanding and new program offerings in 2023, which will be announced to members throughout the year, aim to leverage the old GC3’s broad and trusted network of companies, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations, to drive new collaborations, strategies, and policies to systematically change chemistry.
6. Who do I contact if I have any further questions?