Building the Environmental Justice - Green Chemistry Business Case

A Round Discussion with EPA Smart Sectors

Thursday, May 4, 2023
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)
Category: Webinars

Regardless of your starting point, all companies have a voice in equity and environmental justice (EJ), both within your organization and in your communities. This webinar is designed to start a dialogue on questions participants have for EPA, building a business case for EJ and equity alongside green chemistry, and ideas about where businesses and green chemistry intersect with EJ, in terms of both positive and negative impacts. Participants will also explore with EPA what role green chemistry and equitable business practices can play towards delivering solutions across the entire economy, and what strategic advantages could be gained by those who “lean in” to environmental justice.

Join Karen Chu and Janet Whittick from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as they discuss the background and importance of Environmental Justice as we work towards decarbonization and the production of a safer, more sustainable chemicals.

What you will learn:  

  • Reinforce background and importance of Environmental Justice 
  • Level setting from materials shared prior to event 
  • Cover questions that were shared prior to the event. 
  • Review case study with Solugen  


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Webinar Speakers:

Karen Chu, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Policy 

Karen Chu is on a long-term detail with the Smart Sectors team in EPA’s Office Policy. She comes from the Office of Research and Development, where she helped manage the Regional Science Program and the Sustainable & Healthy Communities National Research Program. She brings expertise at the nexus of program management, operational improvement, policy, research, and emerging technologies. Karen has working knowledge of all EPA statutes and programs, with a decade of experience leading new and existing chemical regulatory and voluntary program efforts under TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act). While on detail, she is serving as the Sector Lead for the chemical manufacturing sector, helping to develop a workstream on EJ and industry, and serving as the communications lead for the Smart Sectors program

Janet Whittick, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Special Advisor and Environmental Fellow 

Janet Whittick has more than twenty years of experience working with industry coalitions on energy and environmental policy issues, including development of major environmental justice initiatives in California and facilitation of cross-sector dialogues that have included business, environmental, and community leaders. Janet has worked extensively on issues related to air quality, climate change, and multimedia cumulative impacts, and has served as an advisor to several state and regional agencies. Janet comes to EPA to help support the engagement of industry as a proactive and productive partner in the agency's efforts on equity and environmental justice.

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Umama Mahmud, M.Sc.

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