Photo of Dow
Photo of Dow


Melissa Schisler

Toxicology and Environmental Research & Consulting Global Director, Dow

Abhijit Ghosh-Dastidar

Senior R&D Manager

Alexander Majer

Government Affairs Director at Dow

Andre Yvon-Bessette

LCA/TEA Scientist

Andrea De Las Heras García

Regional Business Development

Anouk Van Looveren

Ben Radtke

EH&S Sustainability Manager

Beth Johnson

Principal Scientist Home and Personal Care R&D

Beth Uhlhorn

Global Director, Product Safety & Compliance

Brian Einsla

Associate Scientist

Bryan Stubbert

Associate Research Scientist

Caroline Bunz

Corporate Strategy and Sustainability, Human Rights Officer

Christy English

Public Affairs Manager

Courtney Fretz

Global Business Director | Wire & Cable

Csilla Magyar

Director, International Chemicals Management; EU..

Danniebelle Haase

Research Scientist

Darrell Boverhof

Director of Toxicology

Dirk Zinkweg

Product Director - NORDEL EPDM (North America Prod

Edward Greer

Corporate Technology Scout

Hamza Mounzer

Research Scientist

Inge Hageman

Ingrid Hayes

Product Stewardship Manager

James Bohling


Jan Weyts

Sustainability & Market Intelligence Leader

Jarod Davis

Jessica Levin

Associate Research Scientist

Jihane Ball

Director, Global Product Safety and Compliance

Jing Houser

Associate Research Scientist

Kari Mavian

Senior Director of Government Affairs and Advocacy

Kathleen Jurman

Corporate Ventures Tech Scout

Kathleen Plotzke

Chief Health and Environmental Scientist, Consumer

Kathy Lichtenwald

Senior Research and Development Leader

Kimberly Godby

Product Steward Manager

Laura Kherbeck

Product Stewardship Director

Lee Day-Chyuan

Lisa Madenjian

Global Application Development Leader

Loriane Parisot

Margery Cortes-Clerget

Senior Research Specialist

Matthew Carter

Research Scientist

Meike Wesseling

Michael Delee

Global Business Product Stewardship Director at Dow, Inc.

Na Guan


Paul Doll

Principal Scientist

Paul Mercando

Research Scientist

Rafael Cayuela

EMEAI Senior Strategy Development Director, Corporate Chief Economist & the Chair of the EU Sustainability Leadership Team

Ramesh Iyer

Global Sustainability Director

Sarah Eckersley

Vice President of R&D, II&I

Sukrit Mukhopadhyay

Tom Kermis

Associate R&D Director

Tommy Detemmerman

Tony Kingsbury

Director of Sustainability, EMEA

Yves Vandenberghe

Sustainable Business Development Director


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