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BOSTON, Massachusetts, April 28, 2023 – Change Chemistry, formerly the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3), brought together dozens of companies on April 26 at the Innovation Expo online event that showcased advancements towards green and sustainable chemistry.

Seven companies presented their accomplishments with members and non-members. For example, AzkoNobel shared information about its chrome-free primer technology used to prevent anti-corrosion on metal surfaces and Ourobio presented on how they produced bio-based colorant additives. Solugen, Inc. presented the company's innovative approach to renewable chemical manufacturing by harnessing the power of computational biology and sustainable bio-manufacturing.

“Solugen is proud to be showcased in today's Change Chemistry Innovation Expo to highlight our critical work in decarbonizing the chemicals industry through the power of biology combined with sustainable, clean manufacturing,” says Mark Friedmann, Head of Government Affairs at Solugen.

At the event, Executive Director of Change Chemistry and Prof. of Public Health at UMass Lowell Joel Tickner unveiled the new name of GC3 to Change Chemistry.

Launched 17 years ago as the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3), the organization’s new name of Change Chemistry reflects the urgent need to accelerate the growth of green and sustainable chemistry solutions across sectors and the value chain to address global challenges.

“We are building upon our past success by expanding our reach to key decision makers in industry, government, and the finance community in both the U.S. and Europe,” says Tickner. “It’s a holistic approach that’s necessary to make green solutions mainstream.”

Change Chemistry members span the fields of green chemistry and the production of safer chemicals, materials and products. Approximately 75% of Change Chemistry members are individual companies and 25% are non-profit, local, state, and federal government organizations and consulting firms. 

“Solugen is excited about GC3's recent decision to rebrand as Change Chemistry to instill a sense of urgency in industry and the government to accelerate the growth of sustainable chemistry across the country and the world,” says Friedmann.

“With large retailers such as Target and Lowes to brands, chemical manufactures, startups and biotech companies, our membership continues to expand to diverse industries and beyond,” says Tickner. “Bringing safer, more sustainable chemicals to market is hard to do. But by working together Change Chemistry members are accelerating the move to innovative chemistries that will be profitable while protecting health and the environment,” says Tickner.

In response to increasing pressures from the European Green Deal, Change Chemistry members are working with global companies, consulting firms, governments, and non-governmental organizations to advance safer and more sustainable chemistry in Europe. To explore challenges and opportunities to advancing safer and sustainable solutions, the Change Chemistry European Forum will connect diverse business and other groups in Leverkusen, Germany on June 13 to 15. Register to attend the in-person event as space is limited.


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