Challenges, Successes, and Needs for PFAS substitution:

Supporting the Transition to Safer Alternatives

Tuesday, October 10, 2023
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (EDT)
Category: Webinars


PFAS substitution has been top of mind for many industry sectors for over a decade. While current restrictions and reporting requirements are increasing the pressure to transition away from PFAS chemicals, the efforts to move away from this chemical class is a cross-sector challenge. First, we will discuss the implications of applying a standard definition of sustainable chemistry to PFAS substitution to better avoid regrettable substitutes.  Next, we will discuss current challenges regarding PFAS including accessing critical actionable information across the value chain.  Then we will highlight how current tools and standard-setting frameworks can help address these challenges, while identifying future needs. Finally, we will hear about perspectives from the global fashion and design company, the H&M Group, and their history of PFAS-free products.  

Discussion Questions: 

  • What challenges are you facing in adopting safer PFAS-free alternatives?
  • What have been your challenges with evaluating alternatives with respect to broader sustainability aspects?
  • What has helped with evaluating alternatives? What has worked well?
  • How have you communicated with suppliers around performance needs?
  • How have you communicated with customers about safety and product changes?

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Cathy Rudisill, Founder & Principal at Safer Chemistry Advisory LLC 



Hiram Moerman, Manager Circular Economy at Aperion

Stacy Glass, Co-Founder and Executive Director at ChemForward 

Rachel Simon, Senior Manager, Technology Assessment and Resource Development at Global Electronics Council

Ida Brolin, Chemical Regulatory Affairs & Strategy Lead, H&M Group