Startup Network Speed Scouting

Engage with the 2023 Change Chemistry Startup cohort

Wednesday, January 24, 2024
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM (EST)
Registration Closed

Join us online to engage with the newest members of the Change Chemistry Startup Network! The 2023 cohort includes a variety of novel, more sustainable solutions. This fast-paced, interactive format is designed for efficiency and productivity; only 1.5- hours from your own office to decide if a one-on-one meeting is warranted. The list of startups with noncompetitive slide decks will be available in advance of the event.

Check out this year's cohort here.



Darcy is the founder and CEO of Kalion, an industrial biotech company focused on manufacturing glucaric acid and related molecules.  He formerly worked at McKinsey & Co. and several different startups. While at McKinsey, one of his key assignments was to develop a strategy for a key bioengineered product for a Fortune 500 company. The strategy proved widely successful for the company, and for over a decade, has driven billions in profits. He received his MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics while studying at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship. He received two S.B.'s from MIT, one in Electrical Engineering and one in Science, Technology and Society. He is a former member of the Massachussets Institute of Technology's board of trustees and Great Lakes Industrial Technology Council (GLITeC) Advisory Board. 


Judy Giordan is the co-founder of the Chemical Angels Network, Managing Director of ecosVC, Inc., venture founder and former Fortune 100 executive. Judy serves as board member, co-founder, advisor and investor in seed and early-stage start-ups and is 2022 ACS Pre-elect.

Her previous executive positions include Corporate Vice President and Global Director of Research and Development at International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc.; Vice-President Worldwide Research and Development for the Pepsi-Cola Company, the global beverage arm of PepsiCo, Inc.; Vice President Research​ 

and Development, Henkel Corporation, the North American operating unit of the Henkel Group; co-founder of ventures in areas including biofuels and executive search, she has also held management and technical contributor positions at Polaroid and ALCOA and has served with the National Science Foundation as Program Director for the IGERT Program.

Judy has a BS in Environmental Science and VoTech Ag from Rutgers University; PhD in Chemistry from the University of Maryland; and was an Alexander von Humboldt post doctoral fellow at the University of Frankfurt, Germany.

Event Agenda

1:00 PM - Change Chemistry Opening Remarks 


Each company will respond to the following questions in no more than 3 minutes: 


1. What problem are you trying to solve? What is your green/sustainable chemistry solution to a grand challenge?  

2. What is the most exciting thing about your company that everyone should know? 

3. What do you need from this community? Money? Partners? Customers? 


1: 05 PM - Change Chemistry opens 1st set of pitches. (3 min per company) 

  • Arrakis Materials  
  • Axine Water Technologies 
  • Ayas Renewables  
  • Cascade Biocatalysis  

1:20 PM – Questions from moderators Darcy Prather and Judy Giordan 

1:35 PM - Change Chemistry opens 2nd set of pitches. (3 min per company) 

  • FiberX 
  • HazEL  
  • Boreal Bioproducts  
  • RubyBio  


1:50 PM- Questions from moderators Darcy Prather and Judy Giordan 


2:00 PM – Breakout sessions. Join the startups for more discussion in their respective breakout rooms.  


2:25 PM - Closing remarks by Change Chemistry 


2:30 PM - Event ends

For More Information:

Jenny MacKellar

Jenny MacKellar

Program Director, Change Chemistry