Alexandra McPherson

Consulting Project Manager

Investor Environmental Health Network

Change Chemistry Member

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Professional Bio

Alexandra McPherson is director of the Investor Environmental Health Network (IEHN) for Clean Production Action (CPA), a nonprofit advancing market and policy-based solutions for a safer chemicals economy. Through IEHN, Alexandra supports investor led corporate engagement efforts to advance green chemistry and reduce financial risks associated with chemical pollution. Alexandra co-leads the Collaborative for the Regenerative Economy (CoRE) with the University at Buffalo's Materials Design and Innovation Department and Clean Production Action. CoRE advances new assessment tools essential to detoxifying and decarbonizing production for clean energy technologies. Alexandra has co-authored several publications outlining the transformative change that is within our reach, including, “Elements of Change: Moving forward together toward a cleaner, safer future”, and “Greening Consumer Electronics: the Move Away from Chlorine and Bromine”. Alexandra is also the principal of Niagara Share, a consultancy facilitating new collaborations and partnerships advancing market-based solutions for regenerative economies. She is part of the Stanford LEAD program at the Graduate School of Business, serves on the board of Clean + Healthy NY and is an advisory board member of the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council.


Parent: Investor Environmental Health Network

Photo of Alexandra McPherson